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Magnolia Network: Baking w/ Bryan Ford

NAS: Big NAS; Masterclass

Dianne Morales: NYC Mayoral Candidate 21'

Hailey Kilgore: Raising Kanan Premere

Riley Lanzz:Marry Me

Shanelle Gabriel: Pandora Music

Justin Bieber; CHANGES

Reclaim your Vote: BET, Tip "TI" Harris 

Your Attention Please: HULU, Asmau Ahmed

Justin Bieber: CHANGES; Confirmation

Scotch Porter: Achieve the Look, Target

Lin Manuel Miranda and Luis Miranda, Broadway League

AJ Mitchell VMA's Promotion , Slow Dance 

VHI Black Girl Beauty Series 

Food Network, Eddie Jackson , Super Bowl 

AJ Mitchell; VMA Slow Dance Performance

Charles David, Getting Younger , TV Land

Taylor Stricker, Getting Younger , TV Land

RAW Artist Showcase, MAGNIFY  New York

Hailey Kilgore,

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