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Embrace your InHerBeauty


Makeup on other ladies can look great but the concept of applying it on yourself can sometimes leave you with a "throw in the towel" feeling. I always say makeup senses fear so when undertaking what may seem like a secret society in which you don't know the password for entry, you must dive in head first!


My passion comes from not only making my clients look and feel like their best selves with my artistry but also empowering them through techniques to achieve their everyday or glam look when I am not available. 

In my upcoming series of focus feature Master Classes, I will teach you all the makeup tips and tricks that will have you equipped to strut your glam from a zoom call/ work look, date night  to a special night out!

Learn more below and see you soon Babyloves ❤️


Is creating your signature brow still giving you a hard time to say the least? The thing about achieving a perfectly sculpted brow can be the difference in taking your look (whether everyday or ultra glam) from a 3 to a 20! The concept of the perfect brow  sounds great but the action in achieving it seem frightening...and rightfully so. 

Mastering the art of the brow is every woman's dream and in this lesson, I will teach you the art of creating your signature brow with 2 fool proof techniques. 

Skin is just that, Intimate. We all want to achieve the "No Makeup, Makeup Look".With that in mind, having your your canvas look flawless is very achievable. 

Having the tools, product and fail proof techniques you armed for success . In this class I will teach you the art of flawless skin that doesn't look over done, cakey and unrealistic.

My goal is to provide you with you my "skintimate" knowledge and technique to take your foundation look to the next level. The goal is always for the statement that people use when they see you to be, "oh my goodness, your skin looks great" vs"oh wow, what foundation 

are you wearing" ?

I can tell you where the smoke will not be. It will not be under your eye in raccoon form but perfectly placed on your lid for an enviable look at every angle. If you want to feel like you got this makeup thing down pat, a not so flawless smokey eye will quickly remind you to have a seat...several actually. A smokey eye is not for the faint of heart but it is for the chic woman who wants to step out looking and feeling like the million bucks that she is. In this masterclass I will teach you the techniques of applying and wearing the perfect smokey eye. Trust me, its easier than you think 😉

Oh boy, here we go ....."I got one lash on decent but the application of the other one won't let me be great". I have heard this time and time again and have experienced this feeling of defeat more times than I can count. There truly is an art to it but do we all have to become makeup artists to finally get it right?

ABSOLUTELY NOT. Lets dive into the art of applying lashes on both eyes seamlessly together. Your in person meetings, photos and "I woke up like this" attitude will thank me later 

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